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Hello you all,

Since it's getting closer i want to update a little. We will be back from Denmark 25 december.
I have in the restaurant one day less but for all that wanna come the earlier you are welcome from the 27th in my little house, and then the 31th we go to the big place and there we have the entire day and the day after.

It is smaller then previous years but there will be a party.
I would like to know who wants come and what day. so I can calculate the amount of food and all.
Please email me with your answer and/or questions to me and do it please before end of this month that makes arranging better for us.

Hope to hear soon from you all

Alexis and Tjikko
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Yearly Mew Year Reminder

Hey there all our furfriends!

The dates of this year MY will be 31/12 and 01/01.
I know it's one day less but someone stole the day from me :(

More info will follow. But just that you all know, there will be a party again ^^
Tsanawo by Spirit
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Media Archive

Well, maybe it's useful to make a sort of media archive, posting all the links to photo pages and movies into one central place so everybody can find them and look at them. If you have photo's or a movie on the interweb just reply with the link and I will add them below.

Mew Year 2007
Kaelin Firework

Mew Year 2007
Carbide Shooting I
Carbide Shooting II
Fur Dance

Ow, one additional request:
Somebody made a photo of me laying in Ninetales lap. Who has this photo and would they be so kind to send it to me?


HI all!

Last Mew Year we did our first Pawpetshow... it wasnt the best ever.. but we had a blast.
We are however wondering if someone taped the show? Cause to be honest, I'd like to watch it.

There were like three cameras... anyone tape it by chance?


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Unfinished business from Mew Year

Heya all,

Some small things,

Lonely Guitar strap searches owner,
Owner searches a Red Guitar Hero Shirt,
and People that drank beer and didn't pay please do so to my bank account i payed for you now.

That was it :)

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The end of 2007

Its all over, we have ended 2007 with a blast and tried to forget all the bad things that happened in 2007 and hope good things will come 2008, normally at the end of the year almost all troubles drop off and thus leave me with a nice fresh start. although this time things from the past 2007 still keep on haunting me into 2008.

But enough about that. Mew Year... Things did not go as-well as expected and some things went better than expected. Unfortunately i was still being agitated by my cold im having and thus leaving me with a full nose and various problems around the head at all times. This makes me a bit grumpy and i might have said things or asked things on a way that wasn`t as nice i normally do. Im sorry for that to happen. I hope my luck will turn in the year thats upon me now and i never have to go trough something like that again.

Mewyear was still a blast for me but that was only possible because of the great help of my friends.
The things i wanted to do couldn`t be done without them. I had a wish to do a pawpet show for some time. So I asked my friends Shay, Gwyn, Neko and NIkoshi.
I was so happy that they were willing to join and help and i would like to list a special thanks to them:

Gwyndolium: for his never ending endurance and energy to withstand my grumpiness trough all times.

Nekotorisha: for bringing his cheerful humor and a pump to blow up the airbeds . i wouldn't had slept without it.

Shay: For always being there and helping me in any way I ever needed, for the organizing, finace arangements, pawpets and for writing a GREAT story, he has always a listening ear and gives me good advise when ever I need it. Thank you shay, the pawpet show would not have been there without you!

Nikoshi: I think too many people took all the enlightening you brought to mewyear for granted!
I asked you for a bit of light and you gave us the sun it self to enlighten the pawpet show and whole mewyear. You put hardwork into it and therefor I thank you very much

I dedicate this special thanks to you all and everyone else that was able to lend us a paw.
such as kwisa for suplying a machine to encode the stream. and keeping the stream up while i was behind the curtain.

I feel bad about not been able to say this out and loud during mew year. but i hope my message comes trough this way too.

I hope we can do this all again next year.

Thanks, *hugs* and the best wishes for a good year to you all
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